Thursday, March 8, 2012

YouTube Presentations.

What video to you stood out the most and why? How did you feel about the presentations and what group did you part take in?

-Jon Garcia. (Group: Christian, Tori, Matt, Arthur, John, and Eugene. Video Channel:


  1. I think that the group that stood out most is the one with the wheelchair, because it is very interesting and unique, showing that people with disabilities can also do what normal people can do. I felt that the presentations have made me learn about a lot of things about asian immigrants and the lifestyles of Asians in America and Asians abroad. I took part in the group which did the kevjumba video. It was a very good experience for me working with 6 other people in the group who have very different views about the video.

  2. The group I took part in was the one focused on the "Guys in Wheelchairs Pick Up Girls" video. I believe this video stood out the most as it stirred up controversy within the class. The presentations were very intriguing and showed how much of an impact Asian Americans are making today through the use of Youtube.

  3. I also thought the Wheelchair video stood out the most. It was the most controversial and i felt like everyone in the class had something to say about it. I felt like the presentations were great. Watching videos and having discussions about it was really fun. I was in the group that showed a JustKidding video.

  4. The group I watched was the Mad TV video. the video really made me funny and laught also my friend laughted. and the asian man was really mad.

    because his mad acting was really crazy. I hope not the Asian people do it as the mad asian in the reality.