Friday, March 23, 2012

Koreans wave in America and other countries.

Hello. This is Junghwan Shin

In the world, many Asian songs or others, especially Korea, are popular and spread quickly such as Russia America French Europes and others and Asia countries.

Here is the video, which talks about Korean wave of music in the world. it is very wonderful video.

and my teacher Mendoza mentioned about e-sports before in class.

Here is the video, which talks about the games.

How do you think about this videos and are they popular in America? and do you think they will be perfectly successful inthe future, but exception of Asia countries.

And why do you think the Korean wave increase very popular in the world now?


  1. Korean wave is popular in the world right now, because their stuff is refreshing to watch and they got good taste in music. The Korean people have a limit on what they do and show in order to not attract bad publicity. People are tired from those pop star that flash everything they got on T.V. already.

  2. I think korean is strong because their ave good campaign to promote themselves. They join various reality shows, sings in many different languages (as long as they want to have a stand in a country, they will sing that country's language). Singers are trendy and pretty also. Another things about Korean is that their dramas are good and close to real family's life, so many people enjoy watching them.