Monday, March 5, 2012


Here is the video I had in mind for Wednesday!
Go us!
Marion Sanborn


  1. This video shows that at a young age, it seems that Asian American parents have high career expectations for their children.

  2. The video shows that the asian young boy and the father. The father wants his son to become something like a dcotor or and hope his son to become a computer worker. However, the Asian American young boy does not want because he thinks he may be boring.

    It sounds funny.

  3. This video clearly shows some stereo types of Asian Americans for comedic effect. Later on in the video it seems to change the stereotypes around and eventually gives viewers what could be seen as the truth about Asian Americans and how they aren't as "uptight" or "serious"as most have come to believe.

  4. In this video, Kevin refutes the common stereotype that people of Asian decent are always extremely smart and are either doctors, lawyers, or computer programers because their parents pushed them in that path. I liked how he made it a point that he was not smart and tried to get his dad to accept that that was who he is. I also enjoyed that he gave his dad's occupation a chance to prove that it was not meant for him and that he didn't enjoy it. Kevin Jumba is great at displaying Asian American stereotypes in a humorous manner.