Monday, March 12, 2012

Country of Manufacture

When you go out to go shopping, are you influenced by the country that a product is made? In our current day and age outsourcing is extremely popular for companies to make maximum profit while spending as little as possible on labor and other costs. Is this necessarily a good thing for America or a bad thing? Does seeing the tag "Made in China" or "Made in Mexico" discourage or encourage you to buy the item you are looking at?


  1. I am in fact influenced by the country that the product is made. For example, if the product is made in China or even made in Indonesia (my own country), I would hesitate to buy it. I don't think i've ever wanted to buy something that was made in China, India or other developing countries. I don't think that this is necessarily a bad thing for America, because a lot of times, American products are also made in China, and their qualities are not unsatisfying. I think that seeing those tags discourage me to buy the items.

  2. Heck Yeah. But the price tag dilutes my deception to care. As long as it isn't food "Made in China" or "Made in Mexico" I think you're good to go. (Satire)- Tu Nguyen

  3. Personally, it depends on the item that I purchase when I care from where it is from. If it's only just a t shirt or jeans, I will only care about the size and price. However if I am buying a certain tool or sharp object, I will want to know the quality and where it is from because I do not want an obsolete product where it can break on me any time.

    - Jeofrey Reyes

  4. yes i guess i am influenced by it. not every product though. it's just i have experienced different products made from different countries. so i kind of be careful towards some product. especially electronic things.

    1. ow ya if i see those tags and i'm sure that the product is well-made in that country, it will encourage me to buy those things.