Friday, March 9, 2012

Asian a song group

Hi I am Korea and my name is Junghwan Shin.

This video shows about a popular song girl group In Korea.

This video has been watched about 67.000.000 people and many comments have continued.

This popular Korean girl group has been also very popular in Japan for example, they topped the first song of five ranks.

Here is the video.

How do you feel about this video after the video? and do you have any girl group like the group in video? and are they popular in your contry?


  1. I've watched and listened to this video before and it is quite entertaining. However, there is a reason why K-pop is constantly rising, it's because there are so many talented girl groups. Most girl singers in the U.S. are soloists. There hasn't been a good girl group in a really long time. The few ones that I can think of is Destiny's Child and TLC and that was more than a decade ago.

  2. I feel that these days music is not the same music as it used to be. It used to be based off of vocals and true singing talent. Nowadays, it is all about their appearance. There are many talented people out there who can sing but can't make it into the music industry because of the change of music.

  3. I started my love for the Korean because of this video. At first I was like I don't understand a single thing they are saying and then I keep on listening to it until I enjoy it. I find that their show are funny even though sometimes I know they plan it out like running man, invincible youth, family outing, and strong heart. They keep it fresh and their jokes are down to earth kinds that makes you laugh your stomach off.

  4. Having Korean friends and growing up within a Korean community, I've already heard this song and their groups. I feel that the Korean music industry is mainly focused on Korean Pop (K-Pop) and ballads.