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 HI My name is Manisha,
What you think about going under knife and changing your looks?

Asian Cultures

Are there any types of Asian or any other culture other that yours that you find interesting or interested in learning? What are they and why does it catch your attention?

Jeremy Lin

Do you like him because he is good at basketball or because he is a famous Asian now? Maybe both?

Asian American Literature

After taking this class, do you tend to look at Asians, as well as other cultures in a different way? Have you learned about something that you would have never thought to learn about before?

Our asian american lit class.

Would you or are you going to recommend this class to anyone else this up coming quarter?

-Jon Garcia.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Asian Stereotypes

Many people label Asians based on the stereotypes set on them by others. What are some stereotypes people have applied on you?

First Impression

What is the best way to greet a person when you meet for the first time?

Staying Abroad

After this class and learning about how the Asian culture is like, is there any specific place that you would want to study abroad or even live at? Why?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Looking back at the quarter of Asian American Literature....

Now that the quarter is essentially over, what are some of the highlights of this class for you? what are things that you liked about the class and things that you wish were better? Did you enjoy this class?

What do you think of Asian Culture?

Whether your'e asian or not, hopefully you learned a bit more about Asian cultures. What is your opinion of asian cultures based on your own experience. What are things that you like or dislike? Is their a particular Asian Culture that you favor?
which Telling your Story part II most interest you? Why?

Experience in Class

What is your favorite part of the class? why?

An Asian Employer

Have you ever had to report to an Asian manager durning work? If so, how would you describe the working relationship with him or her?
How many of these posts are we supposed to do? And how many are we supposed to answer  to.  I keep forgetting.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

English Communication

A couple of my friends told me it is difficult to communicate with their immigrant parents / family members especially when they do not speak much of English. If you are the first generation born in America, how do you compromise or deal with your immigrant parents / family members when they don't understand much English?
How many of you are thinking that you are getting older or perhaps you are still the same. Asian tend to keep a youthful appear from age 16-30 but after its all down hill for them. Is it because we are starting a family and longer care or is it because of genetic?
What are some sports that you guys think that Asian are good at and why do you think they can only play those kind of sport like badminton?

The beginning of the end

After attending this class for a whole quarter, what is the biggest thing you have taken away from it and why?
For me, I think that I learned so much about different cultures through my peers which was the best part. Its rare to participate so much in a class and to have the opportunity to learn from each other. I wasn't aware of the struggles that asian immigrants had to go through to get to the United States and I really take my freedom here for granted.

Asian american youtube hip hop dance community

As a dancer, I browse youtube videos for inspiration for my own choreography. Some of the most well known hip hop dancers through youtube are, in fact, asian-american. My favorite dancers are Brian Puspos ( ) and Ellen Kim ( ) The hip hop team I am on, Haluan, is a part of the Filipino Student Association (FSA) at UC Santa Cruz. The name Haluan means "of mixed nature" in Tagalog. With all of the famous asian american hip hop dancers on youtube, and all of the crews comprised of mostly asian american members, why didn't the asian american dance community receive any attention in the class youtube presentations? If you were simply unaware of it, what do you think after watching the videos I attatched?

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hi! It's final exams week! are you excited? what are your thoughts? would you share?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Your thoughts on value.

If you were given a real thing, and a indistinguishable fake, which is worth more?

- Jeofrey Reyes

Koreans wave in America and other countries.

Hello. This is Junghwan Shin

In the world, many Asian songs or others, especially Korea, are popular and spread quickly such as Russia America French Europes and others and Asia countries.

Here is the video, which talks about Korean wave of music in the world. it is very wonderful video.

and my teacher Mendoza mentioned about e-sports before in class.

Here is the video, which talks about the games.

How do you think about this videos and are they popular in America? and do you think they will be perfectly successful inthe future, but exception of Asia countries.

And why do you think the Korean wave increase very popular in the world now?

Black America is better than Asia-America?

Do you think that being black gives you the advantages of being athletic, in the music industry, entertainment, politics, etc? African-Americans are recognize and the second population here in the U.S. and even have their own history month (February), how come Asian-Americans don't?


Will racism ever go away? Not just for the black and whites but for Asian-Americans and Latino-Americans?

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Do you think it is important for us to learn about our cultural ancestry and our history? Why or why not?

Learning Different Cultures

Do you think that learning the different cultures (especially in classes like the AWESOME ICS24 class) is helpful for you? Why? How?

Home-stay Programs

Do you think that living with people of other ethnicities will help you understand them and their cultures better? how do you feel about Home-stay Programs?

Living With People Of A Different Race

Imagine that one day, when you walk into your house, you find out that your mother's friend (who's of a different race) is going to bring her family to live together with you and your family because your mother's friend's family is having some financial difficulties. What will be different? How will you react?
What do you think about model minority?
Will you be ashamed of weaknesses that you have ? ex : you are not tall, you are not smart, or maybe you are not white?
Sometimes we cannot get what we wanted or things do not work as how we want it to be. at that moment, we feel sad. How can you encounter that feeling?
You come to a situation where people do not like you because of your attitude, or beliefs, or maybe ethnicity. What will you do?
If you have 2 choices between fulfilling others' request but sacrificing what you like or what you want to do and doing what you like but sacrificing others' pleasure, what will you choose? why?

Monday, March 19, 2012

If we want to end Asian stereotypes, should we avoid them? If we stop talking about them, will they go away?

Teen Pregnancy

A lot of Asian Parents in the past saw teenage pregnancy as a dishonor and shameful act towards their family. Do you think this is still the same negative mindset in today's society? Or do parents seem to be more lenient about their teen's pregnancy in these modern times?

-Jeofrey Reyes

Necessary Roughness

Many Asian Parents are known to punish their children for many reasons as they grow and to respect their elders. Do you think, "tough love" parenting provides more positive or negative results and why do you think so?

-Jeofrey Reyes

Ethic Food

I'm Vietnamese and I guess Pho is the popular thing to eat from my home country. I like Mexican and Thai food but love to try other ethic food. Any suggestion? -Tu Nguyen

The 2012 Presidential Election

Who are you voting for? Relate it to Asians anyway you like. I'm rooting for Ron Paul.- Tu Nguyen

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is the Padrino System still active today?

One of the main points in my Analytic Essay was explaining the Padrino System.

Basically, the Padrino System ignores hard work, and rather encourages promotion by people doing personal favors for the boss, or bribery.

"In 1965, President Ferdinand E. Marcos instituted his Padrino System, shifting the government and military to his friends and family. The movie ‘Sigwa’ shows an accurate portrayal, of how even the closest of friends would sell their own kind out just for power, as Eddie sold out Dolly, or Oliver sold out Cita. (Sigwa) The thought of meritocracy is gone, because Filipinos have evidence that hard work does not equate the proper reward, so if you can get the same result without having to work hard, why would you ever work had? Marcos appointed the University of Philippines alumni to high ranking positions in the Armed Forces of the Philippines, over the deserving and qualified career military officers. Marcos himself was appointed President through “vote-buying, electoral fraud, and the media to tap into the popular mind and gain electoral support. He combined control over his local bailiwick and language group, the Illocanos.” (Abinales) Cronyism and Nepotism, being reward through friendship and family affiliation, caused Filipinos to have a sudden surge in priority."

Do you think the Padrino System is still in effect today? Do you think it's only limited to the Philippines, or is this form of bribery seen elsewhere?

Interracial Dating Tips

I'm a German/Filipino, and my girlfriend is Vietnamese. When we started dating, she taught me to say things like "chao co/chu" when I greet her parents, and I taught her to make 'mano' to my parents when she greets them. If someone from another culture was dating you, what cultural advice would you give them to get on your parents good side?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Verbal and Non-verbal Code

A lot of countries, such as America, have low-context cultures, where people speak more verbally and express themselves easily. However, in countries like China, Japan and Korea (high-context cultures), people usually use mainly the non-verbal code and they are expected to read and infer from the environment (the context), rather than saying something directly. Do you think that the difference communication codes affect how different countries communicate with each other? Why or why not? Do you think that this difference has made it more difficult for people from different countries to communicate (therefore, causing more misunderstanding)?

Monday, March 12, 2012


It is obvious that Asians have a lot of stereotypes, whether they are true or not. What is one stereotype of your ethnicity? How true or untrue do you think the stereotype is?

Country of Manufacture

When you go out to go shopping, are you influenced by the country that a product is made? In our current day and age outsourcing is extremely popular for companies to make maximum profit while spending as little as possible on labor and other costs. Is this necessarily a good thing for America or a bad thing? Does seeing the tag "Made in China" or "Made in Mexico" discourage or encourage you to buy the item you are looking at?

Addiction to Social Networking

In the current age, more and more people have grown addicted to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with each other. Is this necessarily a good or bad thing? Have we grown too dependent on social networking to keep in touch with people? Should we encourage the use of electronic means to contact each other via emails and instant messaging instead of more traditional methods like letters, phone calls, and face to face meetings?

Be Careful With Your Words

What are some hot-button words that we should be careful with when interacting with Asian Americans? What are some topics that we should avoid discussing when we communicate with them?

Racist UCLA girl

Regarding the girl who was forced to leave UCLA for her racist commentary about Asian students at her school, do you believe that was the right punishment for her?  Knowing now that she didn’t intentionally mean for it to become viral and was only intended to be watched by her close friends.


Have you ever been curios what it would be like to be a different race? What race would you wish to be? What do you think would be the differences in a day in the life?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why do you think Asian Americans aren't as big to African-Americans or Caucasians in the Entertainment Industry?

Interracial Dating

What are your thoughts on interracial dating? Specifically an Asian dating another race (or vice versa). Do you think a lot of individuals still date within their race or do you find in today's generation a greater increase in interracial dating?

Jeremy Lin

Do you think Jeremy Lin's rise to fame was mainly due to the fact of his Asian descent?
Jeremy Lin, also known as "Linsanity", is currently a Taiwanese-American NBA basketball player for the New York Knicks and was all over ESPN and NBA news for a few weeks, but the media has pretty much put a stop on interviews and writing stories about him since then, but he's still performing at a pretty good level. Why the sudden halt? Was the media simply trying to overplay the image of an Asian-American basketball player playing at an elite level in the NBA? Also, there was controversy on ESPN regarding a racist headline about Lin: "A Chink in the Armor". How do you feel about this overall situation?

Friday, March 9, 2012


For some of you who do not know what LGBT stands for, LGBT basically means Lesbians Gays Bisexuals and Transgendered. In my home country, Indonesia, people from the LGBT group are strongly discriminated against and their practice is extremely frowned upon. However, here, in America, those people are not as strongly opposed as they are in Asian countries. Do you think that their acceptance has anything to do with the country they live in? What are your opinions and viewpoints about this issue?

Asian a song group

Hi I am Korea and my name is Junghwan Shin.

This video shows about a popular song girl group In Korea.

This video has been watched about 67.000.000 people and many comments have continued.

This popular Korean girl group has been also very popular in Japan for example, they topped the first song of five ranks.

Here is the video.

How do you feel about this video after the video? and do you have any girl group like the group in video? and are they popular in your contry?

Addressing people

The first time i moved here, i joined a class. I addressed the teacher by Ma'am instead of calling her with her name. She felt offended with the way i addressed her. What do you think?

Proper Attire

What do you think the proper attire to go to College?

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Is their a line that users should not pass when posting videos on Youtube?

YouTube Presentations.

What video to you stood out the most and why? How did you feel about the presentations and what group did you part take in?

-Jon Garcia. (Group: Christian, Tori, Matt, Arthur, John, and Eugene. Video Channel:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Video Editing

For those who are doing the visual interview, Can you give me some pointers on how to edit videos. Thanks!


I am a Chinese Indonesian and I was taught from young that when we receive things from anyone, whether it is a gift or even a test paper, we are supposed to receive it with both our hands and that to do otherwise, is disrespectful towards that person who is giving you that thing. Recently, from my ICS 7 class that I am currently taking, I found out that many other Asian cultures (eg. China, Japan) also practice this. For those who are Asian, do you also do this when receiving things from other people? For those who are not Asian, what are your opinions?

Comparing States

What are some differences that Asians in California might experience compared to Asians who live in states such as Kansas, where the population is not generally predominantly Asian or as diverse as the population of California?

Stealing Buddhas Dinner

In Bich Minh Nguyen's text Stealing Buddhas Dinner, what is the attitude of most Americans toward Vietnamese immigrants like Nguyen?

When browsing around YouTube do you find yourself watching YouTube channels of those who come from an Asian background than say a predominantly white person? If so, do you think it's because of your ethnic background as well? What are some of the channels you subscribe to and watch?

YouTube Assignment

Our group chose to analyze the YouTube channel "simple pickup." I find it interesting because I hear a lot of the times of guys telling their stories of trying to pick up girls and how it's hard for them, as Asians, to approach white girls. In their videos, these 3 asians guys pick up many girls of all races. Their main idea shows that it doesn't matter about physical attributes but confidence and the way you approach girls.

Why does it seem as if asians are dominating the world of Youtube as opposed to any other race? Is there perhaps a stereotypical view behind this?

Youtube Group Assignment

My group has chosen the Youtube channel "SimplePickup". I find this Youtube channel to be interesting as it provides advice on how to approach, flirt, and talk to girls through a variety of videos. Every video is different, but they all have the same underlying message. It has been a common societal problem today that guys have difficulty talking to girls, yet alone approaching them.

Monday, March 5, 2012

HI! My name is Manisha, I  am  with Team China for you-tube assignment,
Thinking about doing  kevjumba for Wednesday presentation.
In what ways do you think the history of your chosen country (or the country of your ethnic background) influence its view on education?
- Sarah Pak


Here is the video I had in mind for Wednesday!
Go us!
Marion Sanborn

Video Possibility: Mad TV Asian parody

Here is an example of a video to use for our Youtube project.
What do you think of the way Mad Tv portrays asians in this skit?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

  How does transportation in Japan compare to the transportation in America? This is my example of an interview question...what's yours?