Sunday, March 25, 2012

Asian american youtube hip hop dance community

As a dancer, I browse youtube videos for inspiration for my own choreography. Some of the most well known hip hop dancers through youtube are, in fact, asian-american. My favorite dancers are Brian Puspos ( ) and Ellen Kim ( ) The hip hop team I am on, Haluan, is a part of the Filipino Student Association (FSA) at UC Santa Cruz. The name Haluan means "of mixed nature" in Tagalog. With all of the famous asian american hip hop dancers on youtube, and all of the crews comprised of mostly asian american members, why didn't the asian american dance community receive any attention in the class youtube presentations? If you were simply unaware of it, what do you think after watching the videos I attatched?


  1. Samuel Young: I think that there werent any youtube presentations on Asian American dancers or groups because it didnt really cross anyone's minds. I know in my free time, i enjoy going on youtube and watch dancers/dance crews videos all the time. I enjoy them, but i think since its more visual and less verbal its hard to make a stance on what the videos might say about asian americans so people didn't pick dance as one of their youtube videos. I also think its because when Mr. Mendoa gave us examples of youtube videos in class to pick from, none of them were specific towards dance so some may have thought it not as an option or for others it just didn't cross their mind. but no doubt about it, asian dancers have a huge influence and following on youtube.

  2. I feel that a lot of people did their presentations on something that they were really passionate about -- so I guess no one in our class is into dance as much as you. I've been aware of the Asian dance community, particularly the Korean bboy crews. I mentioned the two dancers you posted videos of to my friends who do hip hop dance and they said that they knew of them. I'm sure that many of the Asian Americans are aware of the dance crews that have made it big. By the way, I thought the video you showed in class was awesome!

  3. I agree with both posts above. I think it simply didn't cross any ones minds, although I think that dance is a very popular and entertaining art form / sport that everyone enjoys at some level. With the dance crews you listed I was familiar with them, and enjoy their work. I think it is very apparent that Asian dance crews have an impact not only in the dance community, but on Youtube as well.