Wednesday, March 28, 2012

 HI My name is Manisha,
What you think about going under knife and changing your looks?


  1. I think some of the people who change their looks is because they feel they look a certain way, but their physical appearance does not represent them correctly. So with the option and power to do so, they have their appearance altered. The people who have nose jobs or lip injections probably feel uncomfortable with their looks and want to change it, and I think that is fine. Not everyone is comfortable in their skin. These people might get a lot of heat and hate towards them, but if it makes them happy, then its their choice.

    1. It's not always to improve on your body or change something that you don't like that you were born with. Some people have accidents that alter the way the look and they don't feel comfortable with what happened (acid burn, car crash, etc)