Monday, March 19, 2012

Necessary Roughness

Many Asian Parents are known to punish their children for many reasons as they grow and to respect their elders. Do you think, "tough love" parenting provides more positive or negative results and why do you think so?

-Jeofrey Reyes


  1. HI! My name is Manisha

    Well, As A mother I think tough love is absolutely necessary.Any thing too much is not good.

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  3. I think that tough love does not necessarily only give positive or negative results, it depends on how reasonable the parents are, how the child responds to it, and other factors that affect how a child grows up. I personally think that parents need to be "tough" with their kids so that they are more controlled and not spoiled. However, there is an extent to which the degree of "toughness" becomes too much for the child to bear, causing the child to rebel. Thus, I think that parents have to be "tough" reasonably, tell their child why he or she is being punished, and at the same time, give them much attention and love, providing him or her the balance that he or she needs.

  4. It depends on the punishment they give to their children. I think that tough love is necessary, but i don't think that hitting their child or similar things are necessary. it's good to punish them of doing wrong, but just give them advises, that way, they will tend to think of their action

    1. I think tough love is a good thing in a parent child relationship because it clearly defines whats bad. Tough love should also be accompanied by a good reward system, this way the expectations and consequences are clearly defined.