Friday, March 23, 2012

Black America is better than Asia-America?

Do you think that being black gives you the advantages of being athletic, in the music industry, entertainment, politics, etc? African-Americans are recognize and the second population here in the U.S. and even have their own history month (February), how come Asian-Americans don't?


  1. I guess that's not it. it is just because people do not find Asian American that is somewhat hidden among people that make Asian american looked no better than others.. this is just my opinion :)

  2. Black America is considered a minority out of the majority of white amrericans. HOwever, asians are the minority of the minority in that they make up less then 3% of America's population. they are often under represented and under estimated. However they have incredible athletic ability and entertainment just like any other ethnicity. Culture plays a large role in what may eventually make you really good at something and lead to stereotypes. African culture strongly revolves around music and athletic ability while asians treasure knowledge and some music. Different values in culture=different strengths and weaknesses.

  3. Black are superior in power and speed so their athleticism is popular in the media. American gave the black the February month because they were mistreated during slavery. Sure us Asian people were mistreated too, but at least we got some money. Blacks on the other were treated like cattle, they work the field and are force to breed for new cattle.

  4. I think they are equally good in athelthic and entertainment. Both have their own strenght in those two fields, such as Black is famous for rap and hiphop but Asians are strong for pop dance. On political, it is true that Asians dont do big campaign or run for national positions like blacks do.

    1. I think the blacks get their own month because of the history and the way they were treated here though slavery and discrimination. Not to say that asian americans weren't descriminated against with internment camps and what not. I think it mainly just stems from the fact that blacks were slaves because of their skin color and asian amaericans were placed in interment camps and discriminated against because of a war.