Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jeremy Lin, also known as "Linsanity", is currently a Taiwanese-American NBA basketball player for the New York Knicks and was all over ESPN and NBA news for a few weeks, but the media has pretty much put a stop on interviews and writing stories about him since then, but he's still performing at a pretty good level. Why the sudden halt? Was the media simply trying to overplay the image of an Asian-American basketball player playing at an elite level in the NBA? Also, there was controversy on ESPN regarding a racist headline about Lin: "A Chink in the Armor". How do you feel about this overall situation?


  1. Honestly I think Jeremy Lin was only talked about because for one he was winning and the fact that he was an Asian-American professional basketball player preforming at a high level in the NBA in New York city. If Jeremy Lin was still with the Golden State Warriors, I think he would just be a young ball player that had a break-out season but not the fame that he gets in NY. NY is media capitol of the world and you have to admit that its magical over there. The reason that ESPN or the media isn't talking about "Linsanity" anymore is because the Knicks aren't winning and are a below average team. And I think that ESPN always pulls some racist remark just like FOX news. ESPN is completely bias and generalize athletes most of the time.

  2. I feel that Jeremy Lin was a headliner for a while because of his underdog story; Being passed up by two other teams, picked up by the Knicks then only being put in because of an injury. But i do believe that the fact that he is an Asian American heightened his 15 min of fame. Basketball is typically known for being dominated by African Americans and and Caucasians. Asians, in the media, are not normally known for their athletic ability. Look how popular Yao Ming was for a while, now he’s basically forgotten.

  3. It's ridiculous that the media has put a halt on him, when instead they should be booming about him now more than ever.

    Jeremy Lin lead the Knicks to become an actual contender in the Playoffs, but he only got that chance as he was a benchwarmer that got lucky. Once Carmello Anthony got back in, the Knicks started losing again, but Carmello is too big of a franchise for the Knicks to see that.