Thursday, March 22, 2012

Home-stay Programs

Do you think that living with people of other ethnicities will help you understand them and their cultures better? how do you feel about Home-stay Programs?


  1. Home stay program has many good things but also bad things.

    It will help them cultures but not much because they may need to experience outside in society.

    Good things
    1. Parents can work.
    2. Learning in home stay will help the children a lot.
    3. no school (my opinion, i would like to go to school)
    4. individuels enjoy.

    Bad things
    1. a lot of money will be paid.
    2. a lack of society.
    3. no friends
    4. no know how to adapt outside.

  2. yeah sure living with other people with different cultures will train us to understand different culture better. but surely you'll find things that are different that you need to adjust/accept.
    i do not know about home stay program but i think it depends on the houseparents :)